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Does United Still Fly LHR-AMS?

Sun Oct 15, 2000 12:51 pm

Does anyone know if United Still flies a 1 stop from (I think it was JFK) to Amsterdam? It was a 767 flight from LHR-AMS and I know b/c I was looking at schedules on Travelocity and it showed up as one of the like 10 United flights, (although the other 9 were codeshared with British Midland). I also saw it on the "Hemispheres" Route Map. Then in August I saw it dissapear and there was a flight from LHR-Brussels. Now I can't find either flights. What has happened? Does United Still fly these routes, if so is it still on 763? Any info would be happily appreciated  
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RE: Does United Still Fly LHR-AMS?

Sun Oct 15, 2000 1:02 pm

I think you are referring to flight 959 which operates AMS - ORD with a "very quiet" stop at LHR. I am rather interested in this as well as United does not actually publish the service anymore. Did United loose it's rights on the corridor or pull out for economic reason or any thing else.....

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RE: Does United Still Fly LHR-AMS?

Sun Oct 15, 2000 4:21 pm

UA do still do the "one stop" in LHR. It's a change or aircraft and they don't local traffic rights.

Therefore the only people can fly LHR-AMS or vv are people that have board the flight in the USA or people connecting UA to UA

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Sun Oct 15, 2000 8:14 pm

Sometimes it's a B744!
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Sun Oct 15, 2000 8:32 pm


A 747-400:
-on a particular flight?
-in peak seasons?

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RE: Does United Still Fly LHR-AMS?

Sun Oct 15, 2000 9:33 pm

Now that UA has announced nonstop ORD-AMS service with a 767-300, I wonder if this service will continue?
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RE: Does United Still Fly LHR-AMS?

Mon Oct 16, 2000 3:43 am

I actually flew the route today and last week on the way from Amsterdam to Mexico. While United publishes it as one flightnumber UA959 Amsterdam to Chicago and UA928 return, there is a plane change in LHR; we flew 744 to and 772 from ORD to LHR and 763s between AMS and LHR. I guess the 763 continued to either JFK or SFO from London. Quite confusing for the passengers, but sure some marketing or travel rights stuff is involved in this procedure.
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RE: Does United Still Fly LHR-AMS?

Mon Oct 16, 2000 11:54 am

United still operates the flight. It is a holdover route from the Pan Am days. The flight operates with a
767-300 which originates at JFK. United used to
(and they might still) operate a LHR-BRU flight w/
one of the other 767-300 a/c.

Both routes carry no local traffic and are for US
outbound or inbound pax only connecting to UA
flights out of LHR.