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Delta 757 Overhead LCD Questions

Mon Jul 23, 2012 2:16 am

I was one one of the PMDL 757s with the new overhead LCDs (N674DL), and while it wasn't as good as having AVOD, it was a huge improvement over the old flickering CRTs with color issues.

I have two questions about them:

My first question is: About how many 757s been modded with them yet? Looking at recent trip reports, it seems that they are being installed pretty quickly.

My second question is: Will the PMNW 757s with CRTs currently installed (the 75As and 75Js) get these LCDs as well?

Also, one thing I noticed with these monitors is that they have OSD features on them. For example, when the video is interrupted or stopped, the screens display a dancing blue box with the words "No Signal", and if left that way long enough, a blue box in the center of the screen will appear, displaying a countdown timer for when the monitors will go into sleep mode. Also, when the video is restarted, there are the words "AV" and "NTSC" in green letters on the upper right.

I wonder, do the overhead LCD monitors on the 763ER also have such OSD features?
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