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United Sky Interior Air Vents Questions

Tue Jul 31, 2012 3:08 am

For anyone who has flown United on the new Sky Interior 737 (or other airlines), I was wondering what the affect is for reaching air vents from the aisle seats. I'm on the shorter side, and when you're taking off/landing, strapped in by the seat belt, reaching for the vents on a normal 737 can be a stretch. From the pictures on this site, it doesn't look possible for even a tall person to reach from the aisle seats easily. If not, how do the lights work? Is there an armrest button? Does anyone have any personal experience?

Also, when flying back from Frankfurt recently, my first flight on a pmUA 777, I was surprised and delighted to see personal vents on a widebody, coming from pmCO planes that don't tend to have personal vents on widebodies. Is this all pmUA widebodies, or just select ones?

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RE: United Sky Interior Air Vents Questions

Tue Jul 31, 2012 3:30 am

The passenger service units have been moved outboard by 7 inches, but the light switch is slightly lower. The difference in reach for an aisle seat passenger is about 2 inches. If you are short, you might need some help, but it isn't much different than the existing 737.

The layout of the passenger service unit is different, but it has all the same features. The one good thing is that the flight attendant call light has been moved so it won't accidentally be touched. There are typically not controls for the light or flight attendant call on seats on any narrowbody.

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