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US Airlines To Africa?

Mon Oct 16, 2000 10:08 am

Why don't any US airlines fly to Africa? I know TWA flies to Cairo and Continental is considering doing the same but I would love to see the big three (UA, AA, and DL) start something in Africa. It seems as though they could make money, am I right? I understand however that these airlines have code-shares with European airlines on their flights to Africa but it just seems to me that there could be an untapped gold mine over there. SAA is making a bundle off of there non-stops from South Africa to the US. Why couldn't a US airline do the same? I would love to hear comments anyone has on this topic.
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RE: US Airlines To Africa?

Mon Oct 16, 2000 1:25 pm

Anyone know why no airlines choose to fly to Africa?
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RE: US Airlines To Africa?

Mon Oct 16, 2000 2:54 pm

There are historical colonial era ties between some European countries and various countries in Africa which have continued in social, cultural and economic relations. There's no such relationship between the US and Africa. Most African countries are economic basket cases so lucrative business travelers are few and far between. Any American wishing to travel there can easily be accomodated on the flights to and from Europe and on African airlines flying to the US. Alliances can fill the little demand for flights albet through European hubs. has many forums. It has spell check and search functions. Use them before posting!
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RE: US Airlines To Africa?

Thu Oct 19, 2000 4:09 am

Another hinderance to US airlines flying direct to Africa is that many of the airlines lease equipment; and there are covenants in those agreements which prohibit operation of leased aircraft in countries that are on the State Department's "forbidden countries" list as well as countries where the saftey of the a/c cant be guaranteed such as countries where thee is civil war, coup de'tat etc. Unfortunately, some countries in Africa are on this list. I have a copy of a lease agreement if you want to see it.
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RE: US Airlines To Africa?

Thu Oct 19, 2000 4:57 am

Pan Am used to operate a thrice weekly service from New York to Nairobi with a stop in Frankfurt. I understand that the route did quite well because passengers were ferried from other US destinations into Frankfurt to make the connection. Unfortunately, when Pan Am folded, so did the route, with neither UA or DL wanting to continue it.

Also, I think that the aviation infrastructure in a lot of African countries simply isn't there. In some instances its getting worse. Qantas has discontinud service to Harare because of lack of fuel stocks on the ground there. BA now serves Harare with a stop in Nairobi for fuel because of the same reason.
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RE: US Airlines To Africa?

Thu Oct 19, 2000 8:02 am

Besides Pan Am going to Nairobi, they used to go to a few other African destinations I cannot remember. World Airways offered service from JFK to Senegal back in the early 90's but it was not profitable.