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DTW To Demolish Terminals

Mon Oct 16, 2000 8:45 pm

According to our local ABC news station, DTW will demolish the L.C. Smith and J.M. Davey terminals in favour of a new 47 gate complex for use by all other airlines besides Northwest!! Any thoughts?
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RE: DTW To Demolish Terminals

Mon Oct 16, 2000 9:43 pm

And where will this new terminal be located?
What we've been told is:

The L.C. Smith terminal will be torn down, and the C, E and G concourses will be leveled.

All other airlines will occupy the D and F concourses.

A new 747 maintenance hangar will be built on the current G concourse site.
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RE: DTW To Demolish Terminals

Mon Oct 16, 2000 10:57 pm

Dear All,

Good for DTW. On another thread, someone commented a couple of days ago that Delta's snazzy CVG hub concourses contrast sharply with the run-down 1950s and 1970s slum occupied by the other carriers (which was already run-down when I used CVG regularly in the late '80s!). Shame on CVG.

Northwest's new DTW midfield terminal, judging from the website, looks like a winner--efficient layout, good architecture, and lots of services. The non-hub airlines should have good facilities too. DTW is long overdue for new terminals. Northwest should not be the only beneficiary.

Jim K.
Washington, DC
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Tue Oct 17, 2000 1:00 am

ITA with your post DCA-ROCguy.
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RE: DTW To Demolish Terminals

Tue Oct 17, 2000 4:57 am

Will the Berry Terminal be demolished too, or left open for charter airlines and airlines like BA, LH, and AF?

Thanks for your replies...

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RE: DTW To Demolish Terminals

Fri Oct 20, 2000 7:20 am

Question: Did the report give any indication as to when the demolition would begin? Is Concourse A part of the L.C. Smith terminal? I remember there was a press release back in November 1999 saying that two gates were demolished in concourse A to build a 6 gate addition to be used by Spirit and Southwest. The new gates opened in Nov.


Seems kind of wasteful to spend all that money to expand Concourse A and then turn around and demolish it. Or was this construction just intended to be a temporary relief?