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Flight Global "Poll Of The Week"

Tue Sep 11, 2012 9:11 am

Hey peeps,

I was surprised with the answers of this week's Flight Global poll, and thought I would ask the same question on here in the aviation forums to see what you guys think.

The question was "Who will lose the most from Emirates/Qantas tie-up?"
a) British Airways
b) Asian competitors
c) Gulf competitors
d) Airbus’s A380 sales prospects

For me I was swaying between Asian competitors for the obvious reasons, or British Airways. Then I thought that BA losing connecting pax couldn't really be such a big issue as most reasonable Australians travelling to the USA will travel Eastbound via the Pacific, rather than the long way round via London. So for me the clear answer was the asian competitors due to the hub(s) being relocated from that region, further west to the Arabian Peninsula. I think they will be the ones to feel it most. I can see why a few also think the Gulf carriers will feel this, as Emirates will now probably attract more pax due to it's strengthened ties with an Australian partner. What I do not understand is the last answer, because I would have thought that if the A380 sales would be affected, then in a positive way, as both carriers operate these and are happy with them.

So please, hit me with your thoughts. I really don't understand these results. Do these people just click on random answers, are they so misinformed, or am I maybe missing something?

By the way, the answers (today 09:07 UTC) are split as follows:
a) 45.45% (599 votes)
b) 13.51% (178 votes)
c) 12.22% (161 votes)
d) 28.83% (380 votes)
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RE: Flight Global "Poll Of The Week"

Tue Sep 11, 2012 10:54 am

My inclination is to think it will be BA - they will lose feed for their LHR-SYD route plus also lose feed from connecting QF flights at BKK, SIN and HKG.

As to Asian airlines:
the Australia-DXB-Europe route is already well served, so a couple of extra QF flights via DXB wont change the dynamics that greatly;
via DXB is longer [marginally] than via SE Asia; and
the remaining key Asian airlines, already have their own versions of the Kangaroo route and so I am guessing don't rely much on feed from QF; even one world member CX, which a.netters indicate doesn't have a good relationship with QF anyway, is unlikely to lose much.

Having said the above I feel the real question is not 'who will suffer the most' but will anyone really suffer that much?