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Final Report, Ryanair Fuel Emergencies Valencia

Thu Sep 20, 2012 12:29 pm

The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) released their result of their investigation into the fuel emergencies concluding:

- The aircraft in all three cases departed for Madrid with fuel in excess of Flight Plan requirements.

- The Crew diverted to Valencia with fuel in excess of the minimum diversion fuel depicted on the Flight Plan.

- Diverting with fuel close to minimum diversion fuel in the circumstances presented on the evening in question was likely to present challenges for the crew. Initial holding was to the Southwest of Madrid which increased the diversion time to the alternate.

- The Crew declared an Emergency in accordance with EU-OPS when the calculated usable fuel for landing at Valencia was less than final reserve.

- The Met conditions in Madrid were more significant than anticipated by the Crew when reviewing the Met Forecast. Consequently the additional fuel carried was influenced by the forecast.

- Operations into a busy airport such as Madrid in Thunderstorm conditions with the associated traffic levels can add significant delays to all traffic.

- Air Traffic Control in Valencia was under significant pressure with the number of diversions arriving in their airspace.

Source: http://avherald.com/h?article=454af355/0000&opt=0