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D-CMMM - Learjet 24 Crashlanding 15th Sept 2012

Mon Sep 24, 2012 6:11 pm

On saturday 15th september 2012 Learjet 24 D-CMMM crash landed in a cornfield on approach to Rønne Airport, DK on a flight from Berlin Strausberg Airport.

The accident has recieved quite a lot of publicity here in Denmark, and the following circumstances are now known :

- pilot (and owner) : Leonardo Ruiz (German resident, Mexican citizen)
- passenger : one (Polish citizen)
- plane crashed due to fuel starvation (fuel mismanagement by pilot)
- flight operated by single pilot (type requires two)
- apparently CoFA expired in 2009 (others quote 2005)
- pilot didn't have valid German pilots licence

Apart from that, Mr Ruiz is charged with creditcard fraud, and is also sought by the German authorities.

Both the pilot and passenger were severely injured, but not fatally.

Leonardo Ruiz has been prisoned for 4 weeks in absentia today.

Preliminary report on the crash

Does anyone know more about this Ruiz caracter ?
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