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Delays At LGA

Wed Oct 18, 2000 12:49 am

Does anyone know how long the delays at LGA are expected to continue? Runway construction is apparently the culprit, along with too much volume. They've been working on RWY 4/22 for at least a year. That second runway would help. Is any relief in sight?

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RE: Delays At LGA

Wed Oct 18, 2000 4:29 am

You should ask your congressman. If Congress hadn't decided to let an unlimited amount of RJ flights into there, this mess would have never have happened. Runway construction is a lame excuse. I was there two weeks ago and both runways were in operation. It took 30 minutes to taxi in and and hour to taxi out for departure. The weather was perfect, BTW. It was funny when they asked Hillary and Rick Lazio about it. Hillary said more slots need to added. What on earth was she talking about? They need to restrict flights, not add them.
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RE: Delays At LGA

Wed Oct 18, 2000 4:35 am

There is no significant runway work being done at LGA. That's nonsense. The
airport is overstuffed with flights and cannot accomodate the traffic. It's a
small airport, with zero room for growth and yet some stupid Congressional
bill thinks adding RJ's there is a good idea. The Port Authority which manages
the airport has blocked further growth for now.

LaGuardia does not have sufficient gates, taxi space, or air traffic around it
to allow for growth. Delays are now 30 minutes on arrival, 60 or more on the