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Mitsubishi Aircraft

Wed Oct 18, 2000 3:38 am

Any information of Mitisubishi Aircraft would be appreciated.
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RE: Mitsubishi Aircraft

Wed Oct 18, 2000 6:16 am

Maybe not to helpful,
but in 1997 I went to Hiroshima with my dad because he had to visit the Mitsubishi factory there. He said Mitsubishi manufactured some parts of the 777 used in Japan. I flew 777 for the first time from HIJ too, with ANA.
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RE: Mitsubishi Aircraft

Wed Oct 18, 2000 7:15 am

I havn't checked them out myself, but have fun surfing ! Some of the sites might be a bit obscure and you will have to 'dig around'. Any repeats are due to different search engines locating the same site.
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