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AVV International Facilities + Expansion

Fri Oct 12, 2012 10:56 am

Geelong vote pork barrelling from the Victorian state government more than anything.


Avalon Airport is to become Victoria's second international airport.
The federal government announced today it would amend the airport's lease, allowing it to build a new terminal and paving the way for it to service international passenger flights.
Corio MP Richard Marles announced the government's decision at the airport, 55 kilometres south-west of the Melbourne CBD, on Friday.

see link for rest of the article, however in summary: Linfox (owners/leasholders of AVV) have managed to put up a proposal which has come under the $15mil threshold (which means it would require Federal planning approval and thus a more lengthier process) and now only requires a local planning permit - with a turnaround of 2 years.

Ballieu - the Victorian premier - has reiterated that the Federal government should stump up some funds for building a short branch from the main Melbourne-Geelong rail line so the airport can be serviced by a rail link (notwithstanding the fact AVV has only a couple of million people using the airport (if that) and there's an airport 30-40km north which has ~30million passengers using it without a rail link!).

A Low-cost international airport for Melbourne & Geelong? Prices would have to be $100 cheaper on a per-pax basis to really make a difference as the vast majority of Melburnians are closer to Tullamarine.

Render from AVV's site:


Major projects part of AAV's website: http://www.avalonairport.com.au/corp...anning-environment/major-projects/
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RE: AVV International Facilities + Expansion

Fri Oct 12, 2012 11:15 am

AVV as it stands right now: http://maps.google.com.au/?ll=-38.02...4517&spn=0.00731,0.016512&t=h&z=17

As per the render looks to be 3 international gates to the east of the current terminal with the mooted AVV station next to the new international terminal.

(if you have a nearmap.com account [registration is free for individuals], a much clearer/high-res sat photo here: http://www.nearmap.com/?ll=-38.02637,144.4739&z=18&t=h&nmd=20120225 )



- what's Vic.Gov trying to do? Is infrastructure competition on this scale warranted?
- is it a snide way of sticking it up NSW and the continuing paralysis re: SYD & its 2nd airport?
- an air/rail/road inter-modal terminal would become a reality here that is if there was a large enough AQIS to handle more freight traffic.
- is this going to force Tullamarine's owners/leaseholders to get off their backsides and start lobbying for their own rail link, and probably most importantly:
- which airlines would fly internationally here? Jetstar, Air Asia, Scoot, Indo or Filipino LCCs?
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RE: AVV International Facilities + Expansion

Fri Oct 12, 2012 11:24 am

New South Wales government continue to selve the idea of a second Sydney Airport and here we have Victorian government pushing for a second airport!

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We are tonight’s entertainment!

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