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US Airways Shuttle A319s?

Thu Oct 19, 2000 4:51 am

I was at Logan International (BOS) last week, and I saw a US Airways Shuttle A319 taxiing out. When did US Airways start putting the A319 on Shuttle routes? How many do they plan to use? Are these used on those new FLA routes US is doing to improve weekend utilisation of its Shuttle planes? Thanks!

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RE: US Airways Shuttle A319s?

Thu Oct 19, 2000 8:20 am

The 319 shuttle entered service on 10/1/00 and are exclusive to BOS, meaning the 9 A319's which will be configured in Shuttle layout will be flying the BOS-DCA, and BOS-IAD routes only.

The first 4 A319's were delivered in September and the 5 remaining on order will be delivered by the end of the month. Ships 750, 751, and 752 are currently in service.

The 733 Shuttles are being refurbished with 2 class cabin at TPA and will enter mainline service as the mods are completed.

Having the 319/320 for the Shuttle allows a US 32X Shuttle pilot to fly either type, something previously not possible with the mix of 733 and 320.