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JFK T1 Operators

Thu Oct 19, 2000 5:07 am


Four airlines joined to build a new terinal at JFK in the early 1990s: Air France, Korean Air Lines, Japan Airlines and Lufthansa. They wanted to quit the awful T4.

This resulted in the Terminal One, built at the place of the former Eastern Airlines' one (don't know how it's called).

But there are actually many more operators at T1.

What are they? I know there are SIA, OS, OA, RAM. What are the others?

I assume they pay fees to the four owners.

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RE: JFK T1 Operators

Thu Oct 19, 2000 5:35 am

Airlines using Terminal 1 at JFK are:

Air Afrique
Air France
Alitalia (new)
Japan Air Lines
Korean Air
Royal Air Maroc
Virgin Atlantic

AF, LH, KE, and SI only financed a portion of the construction of Terminal 1. Some was financed by the Port Authority as well, and therefore capacity not used by these carriers can be leased to others. Some carriers, like Austrian, lease from their respective alliance partners, in this case Lufthansa.
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RE: JFK T1 Operators

Thu Oct 19, 2000 5:52 am

which terminal is Northwest at at JFK????


RE: JFK T1 Operators

Thu Oct 19, 2000 5:59 am

I believe NW is out of the existing T4.

RE: JFK T1 Operators

Thu Oct 19, 2000 6:01 am

Indeed, as is its c/s partners KLM and Continental.