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Official New England Aviation Thread #14

Tue Oct 30, 2012 5:23 pm

So we bid adieu to Sandy, which wreaked havoc along southern New England down through the mid-Atlantic but was more of a nuisance here in New Hampshire. Some rain and some wind, but nothing approaching the level of hype that preceded the storm. Still, coastal areas in New England are taking a beating, so we wish everyone a speedy recovery wherever they are.


Manchester Airport continues to be a very quiet place, with absolutely nothing in the way of new service to speak of. Only news of note is that FedEx is slowly integrating the MD-11 into the mix here, with three straight weekend visits and another one this morning. The guess here is that they want the MHT guys to be familiar with the plane before making it a regular least during the holiday season.

For their part, UPS has switched from A300 to 767-300 here.

Southwest opened up the schedules through April 2013. Portland simply 'switches metal' from AirTran to Southwest in April, sticking with the three nonstops to Baltimore. No Orlando; No Chicago...which surprised me. I have no doubt that PWM has enough demand for at least ONE daily flight to each city, although it remains to be seen whether that demand is year-round or only seasonal. Forgotten by a lot of people is freight. A lot of demand across the Southwest route map for fresh Maine seafood. While the 137 seats may not be all sold, Southwest can make a mint by packing the belly with Lobsters. I do know that a lot of those Lobsters fly out of MHT aboard Southwest 737s.

For our part, we neither lost nor gained anything with respect to Southwest.
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RE: Official New England Aviation Thread #14

Tue Oct 30, 2012 6:49 pm

I was shocked the other day when I arrived from CDG, on AF338, and saw an IB A346 at the gate. That is a very rare sight at BOS. Unfortunately it was dark so I couldn't take any pictures.