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Inflight Upgrades With Emirates KIS

Tue Nov 20, 2012 2:28 pm

I was very interested in this video on the new Emirates KIS system where they are providing pursers with tablets running Windows 8.

One of the aspects that caught my eye was the concept of inflight upgrades. In the video it looks like they are quite a way in to the flight and completing an upgrade. At what stage in the flight can you opt to upgrade, and, if the flight is halfway through, would you need half the number of miles normally required?

I assume that the tablets either download the miles balance of all passengers before departure and then update this after landing, or use inflight connectivity to stay up to date for the entire flight.
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RE: Inflight Upgrades With Emirates KIS

Wed Nov 21, 2012 5:40 am

If I am not mistaken, Instant Upgrades are available to Silver and Gold Tier members only. They can be requested at check-in, at the gate gate or once you have boarded but there are some limitations on what you will obtain. If you make a request at check-in and it is accepted you will be eligible for lounge access and/ or additional baggage allowance. If you are accepted at the gate obviously these benefits would not apply. The meal that you are served will depend on whether a meal in the higher cabin is available. If not, the standard meal from the ticketed class will be plated and served. The complimentary chauffeur service is not available for instant upgrades.

I also understand (but with newer technology this may now change) instant upgrades are only available for the flight that you are currently on. If you are travelling on a multi-sector journey you will need to request an upgrade at the commencement of each sector.

The number of miles required for an instant upgrade is higher than if you book the upgrade online or through a service centre before check-in. The Skywards web site gives an example of an online upgrade requiring 52,000 miles for a one-way upgrade. For an instant upgrade at check-in or on board this would require 57,500. There is no mention of a pro-rata discount for waiting for a third or a half of the flight to elapse before requesting an upgrade.
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