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DL B752E Interior Mods Schedule?

Wed Nov 28, 2012 9:19 am

I'll start this thread now as I'm sure that we will be hearing from those in the know about the schedule of the DL B752Es being modded for next year's start of Transcon flights in March 2013.
I am listing all the aircraft that I'm assuming are going to be modded. I'm also sure that we'll find out soon enough where these mods are going to be done, and also the schedule of the first aircraft to be modded.

ship # 6801 (N702TW)
ship # 6802 (N703TW)
ship # 6803 (N704X)
ship # 6804 (N706TW)
ship # 6805 (N707TW)
ship # 6806 (N709TW)
ship # 6807 (N710TW)
ship # 6808 (N712TW)
ship # 6809 (N713TW)
ship # 6810 (N721TW)
ship # 6811 (N705TW)
ship # 6812 (N717TW)
ship # 6813 (N727TW)
ship # 6814 (N711ZX)
ship # 6815 (N718TW)
ship # 6816 (N722TW)
ship # 6817 (N723TW)
ship # 6818 (N624AG)

Here is the DL Press Release confirming the introduction of the B752Es getting the full flat-bed seats.

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RE: DL B752E Interior Mods Schedule?

Wed Nov 28, 2012 6:05 pm

The 75E fleet is not being modded this winter. The lie-flat mods are currently scheduled for 2014. In the interim, they will be expanding the Economy Comfort sections by next summer. The lie-flat service that is starting in March 2013 will be with modded 763ERs.
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RE: DL B752E Interior Mods Schedule?

Wed Nov 28, 2012 6:58 pm

Anyone know the new configuration of the 75Es with extra economy comfort? Where are those seats going? I assume they're taking away the amazing space in 35DEF on those aircraft to make room for it?