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Official CLT Aviation Thread

Fri Dec 07, 2012 5:35 pm


There has been alot of new airport threads and I want to represent my home airport

Some talking points

CLT-GRU is expected to start on a A332

US filed an application for CLT-OKC 2X on a CRJ7/9
Any chance of a CLT-TUL flight

Could NK possibly add a flight or two from DFW-CLT

any other routes that could be added like GRR,ICT,TUL etc

Any chance of AS or VX

WN CLT-DEN possblity

Last thing How is B6 doing

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RE: Official CLT Aviation Thread

Fri Dec 07, 2012 6:00 pm

Hi southwest737500, I'd like to start off your thread with a question.

With US getting the CLT-LHR flight, do you think they will stay or leave LGW? Plus also with them using the A330 here regularly do you think they'll downsize it to a 757/767?

It would be such a shame if they did leave Gatwick! I found CLT to be the best airport I have been too, plus you can get a connecting flight to alot of destinations from there, which helps alot because I don't have to go to LHR and catch a direct flight instead.

By the way, happy Christmas.   
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RE: Official CLT Aviation Thread

Fri Dec 07, 2012 6:34 pm

I'm not sure when CLT-GRU would actually start. From everything I've heard, the route-granting process with the Brazilian authorities is the long pole in the tent on this. I think it will come eventually, but it may be awhile...maybe even a year or more.

US can start CLT-OKC whenever they'd like...they don't need to file an application for it. From what I understand, it's just kind of a "nudge" they threw in their application for the DCA slots.

As for the CLT-LHR flight, I'm concerned they'll leave Gatwick behind. There's not been an official decision yet, though. I feel the same way you do about LGW. It's ALWAYS a quick and effortless trip through UK border control when the CLT flight lands, and I prefer transiting through it--even though it's on the wrong side of town for where I usually like to go.

I've flown on CLT-LGW several times in the past couple of months and I've been surprised at the substantial number of "non-Americans" on the flight. They're almost always full as well.

I'm hoping they'll at least try an A333 on the LHR route and a 757/767 on LGW for awhile. I think that's probably the most likely scenario.

And happy Christmas to you as well!
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RE: Official CLT Aviation Thread

Fri Dec 07, 2012 7:14 pm

Thanks guys

Merry Christmas to you all  

I think the LGW route will stay for the Summer. I think they'll end it in the winter.

Summer should be fine with a 757
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