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Will MDT See Additional Sevice From F9/G4?

Fri Dec 14, 2012 9:55 pm

With Frontier and Allegiant now serving MDT, could there be future expansion possibilities to the existing markets or new markets opening up? It appears the flights are doing pretty well.

Some examples could be with Frontier having MCO go daily with a second flight and having DEN go from seasonal to 1x daily year around. Or they could add other Florida cities like RSW or FLL 2x weekly. Allegiant should consider adding LAS (2 or 3x weekly) and MYR (1x daily seasonal) from MDT.

Any thoughts?
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RE: Will MDT See Additional Sevice From F9/G4?

Sat Dec 15, 2012 3:02 am

There could be several possibilities. Let's start with F9.
-Aircraft availability is the biggest thing hurting expansion right now. Could they go daily and even 2 daily on MCO ? Absolutely, especially during peaks. FL was doing 2 daily and was doing very good on yields per our local paper. I think at a stretch we might see daily service eventually.
-DEN, should be able to go year round, daily during peak travel season, this market has proved it self the first summer, also being extended into the fall. I hope after this summer season it stays on year round.
-FLL/RSW, I think 2 or 3 weekly flights would do well, FLL did well when FL flew the route, and I think opening up western Florida to RSW would also, and not compete with G4 up at PIE.
I guess we will have to see how TTN works out, while not exactly the same scenario as MDT, it could prove that smaller markets close to bigger cities might work with p2p flights.
-I haven't heard how any of the flights are doing yet, I would imagine PIE should be, since that was one of the biggest requests for non stop flights.
-MYR, definitely seasonal , but a good possibility, ABE has that route, and I would say MDT has more traffic.
-LAS, that would be an interesting one, can't say if it would do well or not.

MDT is a great airport full of more potential. Hopefully F9 and G4 realize this and can add more flights soon.