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JAL Fleet Replacement

Sat Oct 21, 2000 6:15 am

Any information concerning when Japan Air Lines will begin replacing its large fleet of 747-100/200/300, DC-10-40 and MD-11 aircraft? Some of the 747 and DC-10 aircraft are quite old, and many of them are used on the airlines "high-cycle" domestic routes. JAL has ordered some 777-200/300, but it, and its "related: carriers (such as Japan Asia, Resort Express) still have a good number of older aircraft. I would imagine that this would be one of the largest and most expensive aircraft orders in decades - a major battle between Boeing and Airbus. Any info?
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RE: JAL Fleet Replacement

Sat Oct 21, 2000 6:19 am

I would love to see an A3XX in the fleet of JAL. Airbus Industrie said on Thursday that Japanese carriers would need to buy some 600 new passenger aircraft worth $88 billion over the next 20 years.
That includes 180 aircraft such as the new A3XX with more than 400 seats, the biggest such requirement of any country.

I just hope that JAL will choose this great bird!

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RE: JAL Fleet Replacement

Sat Oct 21, 2000 6:42 am

This information may be dated, but a JAL pilot told me that JAL planned to keep the 747-100/200/300 for quite some time. According to him, JAL is keeping them for 8 more years.

RE: JAL Fleet Replacement

Sat Oct 21, 2000 7:58 am

I don't think that JAL will go for airbus. They don't have any capacity problems and have alway's been happy about there Boeing's
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RE: JAL Fleet Replacement

Sat Oct 21, 2000 1:44 pm

The 747-SR46's are getting old, but they are different structurally, so they proably have a different "end of life" than a regular "-100", so I see them keeping them a little longer. The 747-46D holds 563 people and they supposedly haven't had any shortages yet. The 747-300's (SRE's-- Super Resort Express") are not that old, dating from the mid 80's.

I think JAL will stay loyal toi Boeing, but I wouldn't be suprised if they ordered a few A3xx's (probably with GE engines).

RE: JAL Fleet Replacement

Sun Oct 22, 2000 3:00 am

JAL's recent order of a number of 773ER will replace B747 classics. So may be they'll retire some classics in 5 years.

And May be JAL will stick with Boeing's proposed 747X, because they already have operated more than 100 747s. (include the jet that involoved in air disaster)
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RE: JAL Fleet Replacement

Sun Oct 22, 2000 3:39 am

As the 10 773LRs are delivered, they will displace 744s on long range routes, which will then, in turn replace the older 747-1/2/300s on shorther stage routes such as NRT-HKG/BKK/HNL etc.