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Sabena's A340

Sat Oct 21, 2000 6:55 am

If my info is correct, SN now has 4 A-340 aircraft, 2 series 200 and 2 series 300. The series 200 aircraft have been grounded for a while (they were supposed to be leased but this deal did not happen) and the series 300 aircraft fly to Newark and other destinations. Now that SN has announced route cancellations (including Newark), what is the fate of their A340s? Is it possible that the entire A340 fleet will go (replaced by the newer A330s?) or will new destinations be found for them? Also, I thought that I had read that Sabena has 2 new A340-300E aircraft on order, will these aircraft be delivered in light of SN's most recent financial problems?
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RE: Sabena's A340

Sat Oct 21, 2000 7:51 am

I don't think that they'll ground the A340 although they are facing financial problems right now. They still fly to Tokyo nonstop from Brussels so they must be keeping operating the A340, I don't think the A330 could fly that route. What they could possibly do is keep two A340's (the ones you mentioned they have on order) for their flight to Tokyo and operate A330's on all other intercontinental flights. Right now, apart from Newark, all SN flights to the United States are A330's. Johannesburg and Newark will be closed next year I suppose, so I think that besides Tokyo all long haul Sabena flights will be A330's. I don't think that the MD-11's will be at Sabena much longer, I'd say end of 2001 at the latest.
Sabena goes A330.

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RE: Sabena's A340

Sat Oct 21, 2000 4:23 pm

The 2 A340-300s (OO-SCY and OO-SCZ) will for sure stay in the fleet for the Tokyo flights. The 2 -200s (OO-SCW and OO-SCX) were to beleased to Khaliffa Airways from Algeria, but that deal din't go through, and the aircraft have been stored for a while in Chateauroux (France), but are now leased to Qualiflyer Group partner AOM.

Sabena is due to take delivery of 2 A340-300Es in the beginning of 2001 and another 2 in 2002 (aircraft to be registered OO-SQA, -SQB, -SQC and -SQD). I suppose the two exisiting -300s will be disposed upon arrival of the new aircraft.

The MD11s will for sure stay in the fleet till 2003 as Sabena repeatedly announced it was too expensive to break up the leasing contract.

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