Arrow Air In-flight Service

Sat Oct 21, 2000 12:13 pm

I flew Arrow Air back in 1984 from PHL-SJU on board a DC-8-62 and their In-Flight Meal consisted of small Basket wich contain a Blueberrry Muffin Grapes and I can't remember what else. But anyway I was wondering if Anyone else experience the service on board Arrow Air. if my mind serves me right (and don't quote me):D their seats where something like Eastern's seat patterns that mixture of yellow and brown or blue and brown and they had the head cover which I called them so please excuse me if I din't use the corect term   but the head covers had the symbold of the A like you see on the Tail with the lines beneath the A and underneath that the word Arrow Air but if anyone remember differently please Reply and tell me more about their In-Flight Service the Crews and where they Flew???? 
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RE: Arrow Air In-flight Service

Sat Oct 21, 2000 1:45 pm

My mother flew on an Arrow Air DC-10 in the early 1980s. I remember her describing the aircraft interior as falling apart and tatty. Service was at best ho-hum, which at least was better than *blechhh* aboard my Rich International DC-8 flight in 1984. By comparison, my other charter flights, with Air Florida (DC-10-30CF) and British Airtours (Boeing 707-336C), were very good, comparable in quality with scheduled carriers, with any lack of creature comforts more than made up with superior service (especially with Air Florida).
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