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Boise Airport

Sun Oct 22, 2000 1:18 am

Does anybody in this Forum have been in BOI? How does it look like? Any pictures? I know Horizon Air is by far the airline that have the most presence followed by SWA.
Any info???
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RE: Boise Airport

Sun Oct 22, 2000 2:03 am

Not a very big airport as you could probably guess. I have been there twice on a SWA flight from PDX to SLC with one stop in boise. It's a nice little airport. DL also has a flight that stops in boise on the way back to SLC. Or at least they did a few years ago. I think they still do. 727?
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RE: Boise Airport

Tue Oct 24, 2000 2:19 am

I flew a Piper Twin Commanche in there a couple weeks ago. It was fun. It's a nice airport with what seemed like two big, long runways. (I forget the length). They were doing construction on one runway at the time, so I landed on 28L. I parked at the Boise Executive terminal, so I never got into the main passenger terminal, but from the outside it looked nice enough.
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RE: Boise Airport

Tue Oct 24, 2000 5:15 am

I was there in '99, flew in/out on Horizon Air. Descent sized terminal building with a few gift shops, McDonalds, etc. You can see the rwy. from the terminal building and usually see a few A-10's doing touch & go's. Nice airport. Jeff
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RE: Boise Airport

Tue Oct 24, 2000 7:28 am

I was there this year in July visiting from ORD. I flew nonstop from ORD to Boise on United. They only have 2 gates there. Its a nice airport. I liked it. America West flies out of there and Northwest has 5 or 6 gates there. there aren't too many gates there. I enjoyed the airport.
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RE: Boise Airport

Tue Oct 24, 2000 7:51 am

I flew a 210 in there last spring...basic airport, nothing to write home about.