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United DC-8-71 And DC-10 Interiors

Mon Jan 14, 2013 1:39 am

For those who traveled on United DC-8-71 and DC-10s in the late 80s, I'm wondering if anyone has photos of the interiors. I remember they were slightly different than the rainbow stripe interiors on most United planes of that era. I seem to remember the DC-10 had grey seats with colored squares, and the bulkhead had a tan grid with brown wavy lines. I believe the DC-8s had the same interiors. After about 1991 or 92, all I saw were the standard United cabins on the DC-10s.

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RE: United DC-8-71 And DC-10 Interiors

Mon Jan 14, 2013 6:00 am

Somewhere I do have a photo, but I have looked for years and can't find it. I will have to go by memory and if someone can prove me wrong please do!

The last DC-8 interior that I saw had overall charcoal grey seats with a checkerboard square pattern throughout. Each square was about 3 inches X 3 inches. The square itself was made up of vertical bars that were divided in half horizontally. There were two colors of squares and I think they alternated. The top half of the one square was magenta/burgundy and the bottom half was orange. The square beside it was overall burgundy/reddish. The DC-10's also had this interior, but I have never seen it on any other United plane. Not sure of the carpet on the DC-8, but I can tell you the carpet on the DC-10 was the same blue 'XXXX' pattern that was from the previous brown and multi-colored square schemed seats. It was as if they just removed the old seat covers and left the carpet the same. I was only ever on one DC-10 that had this interior so I may have witnessed a sort of hybrid version of it during the change-over.

As for the bulkhead on the DC-8, I know it was different than the multi-colored mountain waves, but cannot describe it. I think it had a multi-colored pattern that resembled peacock feathers.

The next time I was on a UAL DC-10 was in the mid-1990's and by then it had the same rainbow-colored diamond pattern that the rest of the fleet had.