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NWA 767-300

Mon Oct 23, 2000 12:18 am

Why has'nt NWA ever considered buying the 767-300? every other major has had them for years. and they all love them. They would have fit in real nicely with there highly traveled domestic routes. MSP-LAX. DET-SEA. etc. With all the 757's they have the pilots would already be trained to fly the 767. The 767 is such a great plane, I could never understand why NW has never had any of them.
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RE: NWA 767-300

Mon Oct 23, 2000 8:07 am

Does anybody have any ideas why NW has never purchased any 767-300? Like I was saying before, all the majors have them. United, American, Delta, Continental, US AIR. Who am I missing for US carriers? Will 767 ever be looked at by NW?
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RE: NWA 767-300

Mon Oct 23, 2000 8:16 am

TWA also operates them, and ATA will soon too.
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Continetal 767-300?

Mon Oct 23, 2000 8:26 am

Continental doesn't have any -300s. They have a couple of brand new -400s and some -200s on order.
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RE: NWA 767-300

Mon Oct 23, 2000 8:34 am

Continental had orders for the 767-300, but when production was announced for the -400 CO transferred their orders to the new model and subsequently became the first to operate them on pax services.
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RE: NWA 767-300

Mon Oct 23, 2000 9:20 am

I agree. It's a nice plane. I'd love to see one in a NWA livery. Also, I'd love to see a 767-400 with Northwest.

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RE: NWA 767-300

Mon Oct 23, 2000 9:28 am

I suspect that it has to do with timing.

Several years back (early nineties?), Northwest committed to refurbishing/retrofitting their existing fleet in lieu of purchasing new aircraft. If you'll remember, Northwest had some pretty severe balance sheet problems during the Cecchi regime.

Now, they are in a situation where they know they will have to retire their DC-10s within the next few years. Today the 763 must compete with the A330 and 777. Given NW's success with DC-10 on European routes, and given the capacity of the DC-10, the A330 or 777 might make more sense.