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AA/US Merger Impact Frequent: Flyer Programs

Wed Feb 13, 2013 4:50 pm

What changes should be expect to the combined F/F programs (AAdvantage and Dividend Miles), should the merger go through?

Certainly, US customers will have a lot more opportunities to fly to Latin America.

How much difference are there between the two programs in terms of gaining elite status?

Same for simply booking trips. AAdvantage has different tiers for destination (US domestic, Caribbean, Europe, etc.), peak and off peak, as well as AAny Time and the inventory-cotrolled Mile SAAver.

I thing I've noticed in looking at the US website is that I can't find anything about lifetime elite status for the US program. AA has lifetime gold status (accumulate 1 million miles flying) and I believe lifetime platinum status (accumulate 2 million miles flying).

How might all of these change, post-merger?

Finally, AA's credit card is through Citi. US's credit card is through Barclays. Considering that Citi is a banking giant, and far more people have a Citi charge card of some kind, I would suspect that, post-merger, AA will still have its card with Citi. If nothing else, Barclays has a very limited presence in the U.S. in terms of retail banking, and Citi has many branches throughout the country.