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Air China Recruiting B777 Captains

Thu Feb 21, 2013 3:07 am

With 20 (772's / 773's) in service right now along with another 9 773's on order, Air China looks to be positioning to add MORE pilots per the advertisement on through WASINC International. The positions are understood to be basing out of Beijing with LAX as being the US remote base.

*Compensation: (all amounts net of tax)
---$12,500USD base + $4,000USD living allowance= $16,500USD/month
---85 hour minimum guarantee
---Overtime > 85 hours @ $233/hour
---Safety Bonus @ $6,000USD/per year for no incident/accident for > 880 flight hours
---Annual Overtime Bonus of $97/hour > 935 flight hours/year
---Ground training pay: $4000. Ground training should take about 1 month.
---Line training pay: $15,000
---Full pay ($16,500) begins once you are fully checked to the line

Paid Leave: 28 days per year
Sick Leave: 12 days per year

1. Will IAH as well as other North American gateways also become a remote base for these new crop of recruits?
2. Is the compensation package competitive with other carrier's in the industry especially for the Pacific Rim?
3. How often does the average international pilot fly more than 85 hrs per month (Air China's guaranteed minimum)?|JOBS|FGJOB-INDEED-ORGANIC

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