Impulse Offers Freebies

Mon Oct 23, 2000 4:42 pm

From "Travel Daily"

Impulse offers ‘Freebies’

IMPULSE Airlines announced details today of a new type of frequent flyer reward program.

The Impulse Freebies series promises travellers a free flight anywhere on the airline’s network after they’ve taken 10 revenue flights.

Impulse chief Gerry McGowan calls it a "complete departure" from any other airline frequent flyer program.

In what’s seen as a swipe at Qantas and Ansett, he said: "It will be a hit because there’s no club to join, no outrageous mileage requirements to be met, and no nasty surprises when it’s time to redeem".

Redemption requests will be processed within 48 hours.

However, there are conditions.

The airline’s cheapest fares, the so-called Web Hot internet-listed levels, don’t qualify.

And travellers must undertake all qualifying travel within 12 months.

McGowan said Impulse has presented Freebies terms and conditions to the Aust Competition and Consumer Commission for general assessment and has received positive feedback on the basic concept.

The carrier today also unveiled a new corporate image and a new advertising campaign.

First ads will appear in major newspapers tomorrow.
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Sounds Like Southwest... Not Bad!

Mon Oct 23, 2000 9:31 pm

Southwest (WN) has a free round-trip after eight round-trips ("returns" as you'd say), with double-credit for flights purchased on the Internet from their website. The one-year thing is the same as well.

WN sends you the free ticket automatically when earned; you need not request it.

I hope Impulse succeeds and prospers; Australians need a reasonably-priced air carrier. Now, if they'll just get 'round to Adelaide!
...three miles from BRONS, clear for the ILS one five approach...