The Final Airline

Sat Mar 20, 1999 8:22 am

Eventually every airline is going to be bought by a larger airline, and there will only be one, very large airline. When this happens, (Which will probably be a long time from now!), which airline do you think it will be? I would say that either United or Delta would make it to that point.
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Re: The Final Airline

Sat Mar 20, 1999 8:25 am

Larry's Flying Service

Re: The Final Airline

Sat Mar 20, 1999 8:47 am

The small swedish company Novair
They have 7 aircrafts

Re: The Final Airline

Sat Mar 20, 1999 9:29 am

Have you been reading, Das Kapital by Karl Marx, again? Tsk. Tsk. No need to fret over a shortage of free-market capitalists, my proletariat comrad. They are in abundant supply. Especially in this business.

Re: The Final Airline

Sat Mar 20, 1999 10:42 am

probably BA I hope Canadian will do it
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To 757-200

Sat Mar 20, 1999 3:14 pm

Just for your information, the U.S. isn't the centre of the world and is not the only country in the world.
There will not be only one large airline, forget it, and if in any case we imagine that, why should it be an U.S. airline???
You guys only think in America, wake up...

Luis, Faro, Portugal

Re: 757-200

Sat Mar 20, 1999 4:51 pm

I agree with mirage that there will never be one airline. I do not thinkk you know how many trillions of dollars circulate in the airline Industry? Also have you heard of a thing called a monopoly? If it did come out like that some one will start a small airline and sue the hell out of that one airline. Also that airline would be to big to operate lets think of Pan Am and then there is a free area in the market to start a new airline. If any airline gets any where close my guess would be Virgin. And they will have continental divisions like they are starting to do now. But they will be the only airline.

Re: To 757-200

Sun Mar 21, 1999 8:31 am

First off, Luis is Portugal, perhaps the reason that so many people automatically think of the US airlines first is that the US has the largest commercial aviation market in the word, and the world's three largest airlines are based here. It makes sense that if this ever happened, a US airline would be the one to do it. Of course, this will never happen, because Britain (among other countries), won't even agree to open skies. They'd certainly never let a US airline, or an airline from any other country, buy British Airways. Such a drastic thing as a single global airline would require way too much governmental cooperation (they'd all have to grant 5th and 6th freedom rights for this to work), and no government would realistically grant a monopoly to another country's airline. This is especially true for all of those airlines around the world that are still at least partially owned by the government.


Re: The Final Airline

Sun Mar 21, 1999 8:33 am

By the way, if, despite what I firmly believe, this ever did happen, I think that the last one standing would be either American or United. Like I said, though, it's not going to happen.

Pan Am - She Will Return

Sun Mar 21, 1999 9:03 am

One day, Pan American will rise again. There will be a masive merger, with Delta...