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Brazilian Crisis

Sat Mar 20, 1999 8:24 am

The current Brazilian economic crisis has made, two days ago, "more victims":

VARIG has suspended its services to/from

And TransBrasil announced that its daily frequence between São Paulo/Guarulhos and Miami will be temporaly cancelled.

These problems, although caused by the same problem, has two reaches:
tickets are too expensive for Brazilians
and people that would travel and expend money prefer to keep it in safe place, because of the ? that is the future.

What more to come? Nobody knows.

TP343, São Paulo, Brazil

RE: Brazilian Crisis

Mon Mar 22, 1999 9:40 am

Right you are my countryman. Things look grim for Brazilian airlines today. I think it will come down to other airlines, foreign airlines buying stocks in Brazilian airlines, over the 25% limit that exists today. It's still a good market, the dollar will settle sometime and traveling will resume in full power, we always had our crisises and always had tons of tourists flying out of the country. It's just a transition period, it will get better. The big problem is that most expences related to aviation are in dollars, and revenues for the airlines are mostly in Reais, so, you do the math..........

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro