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OMA Extra Flights May 3rd-5th-Bershire Mtg

Thu May 02, 2013 2:12 am

The Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting is this weekend and both Delta and United have extra flights. I've only listed flights one direction each day but what goes in, must come out both days except the Delta 757 from LGA and the Delta A319 from LAX stay on the ground all weekend and don't go in and out twice.

Security lines in OMA on Sunday will be horrible, especially Sunday morning as most of the mainline flight additions are all in the mornings. (I flew out on a Wednesday morning end of February at 6am from OMA and the security line took 65 minutes...can't Imagine what all these extra flights will cause!)

Southwest, Frontier and US Air did not add flights but doing some quick searches, almost all their flights are sold out 100% for these days too.

To note, this will be the first time ever that Delta will have 11 mainline flights in a single day from OMA.

Friday May 3rd:
Delta: 9 mainline flights.
ATL-OMA: 1x757*, 2xMD90, 1xCR9, 1xCR7
MSP-OMA 1xMD90, 2xA320, 1xA319, 1xCR7, 1xCRJ
DTW-OMA 1xDC9-50, 1xCR7, 2xCRJ
LGA-OMA 1x757, 1xCR7
LAX-OMA 1xA319
*757 is 75X-LiveTV version

United: 6 mainline flights
EWR-OMA 1x738, 1xE170, 2xERJ
IAH-OMA 1x739, 1xCR7, 4xERJ
ORD-OMA 1x738, 2xCR7, 4xERJ
DEN-OMA 1xA320, 1x757, 2xCR7, 1xERJ
SFO-OMA 1x739

Sunday May 5th:
Denta: 11 mainline flights
OMA-DTW 1xA320, 1xCR9, 2xCRJ
OMA-ATL 4xMD80 1xA319
OMA-LGA 1x CR7, 1x757
OMA-MSP 1xMD80, 1xMD90, 1xA320, 1xCR9, 2xCRJ
OMA-SLC 1xA320, 1xCR7
OMA-LAX 1xA219

United: 5 mainline flights
OMA-EWR 1x739, 2xERJ
OMA-ORD 2xA320, 2xCRJ, 3xCR7, 1xE170, 1xERJ
OMA-DEN 1xA320, 1xCRJ, 1xCR7, 1xE170, 1xQ400
OMA-SFO 1x738

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