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AirTravelers Assoication -- Who Are They?

Wed Oct 25, 2000 9:35 am

WASHINGTON, Oct. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- David S. Stempler, President of the Air Travelers
Association, has been selected by the Secretary of Transportation to participate in the U.S.
Department of Transportation's (``DOT'') Air Carrier On-Time Reporting Advisory Committee.
After this past Summer's record-breaking number of delayed and cancelled flights, the Committee is
charged with coming up with a report in three weeks about their causes and the best ways to report
these delays to the traveling public. Other members of the Committee are from airlines, airports, and
organized labor.

David Stempler also participated in this summer's Airline Summit where a majority of time was spent
on delayed and cancelled flights. At that time he said, ``if we don't quickly find solutions to this
congestion problem, we will soon be staring down the barrel of gridlock in the air.'' According to
Stempler, the root cause of the congestion problem is ``the lack of sufficient aviation infrastructure,
which includes a modern air traffic control system and enough runways, taxiways, terminals and
gates, to provide for the air transportation needs of travelers.''

Stempler stated that ``the charge that the airlines are scheduling too many planes is a huge red
herring. The airlines aren't sending empty planes out there! The planes are filled with passengers who
need to get places!''

Stempler continued, ``passengers only consider that a flight is delayed if it leaves the gate late, and
then gets to their destination late.'' He said, ``there is a great deal of confusion about whether flights
are delayed because they must wait on the ground to take-off. These are not delays, as long as this is
built into the schedule and the flight arrives on-time.'' He concluded that ``most passengers traveling
to airports in rush hour are caught in highway congestion longer than they are caught in an airport's
aircraft congestion!''
In today news:

The Air Travelers Association is based in Washington, DC and is both a representative and
advocate for its airline passenger members. The Association focuses on the following issues --
safety, security, savings, and service. It publishes the Airline Accident Report Card©, which
provides report card grades for the world's airlines based on their fatal accident history. David
Stempler, President of the Air Travelers Association, is an internationally known authority on airline
passenger and travel issues.

SOURCE: Air Travelers Association

Question: Who are they? I searched on the web and their link went to a web site that have nothing to do with it (It's a web company). What is their web site and who are the members? Can a member like me, you and others join? Or is this David Stempler running "one man show"?????

Also, what is the real purpose of the Air Traveler Assn.?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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RE: AirTravelers Assoication -- Who Are They?

Wed Oct 25, 2000 5:13 pm

Try for more info on them  
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RE: AirTravelers Assoication -- Who Are They?

Thu Oct 26, 2000 7:00 am

Yes..that's the web site...strange, it's up running now. But still lack of information about the group. Anyone can share what this group is all about?

I'm not sure if it's worth the annual membership fee.....