Pilots Flying LOT Polish

Wed Oct 25, 2000 12:59 pm

Does anybody know anything about Polish Pilots, how good are they. I hear they're winning precision flying competition every year. I am seeing LOT POLISH coming in at EWR sometimes, and I tell you these pilots touch down very gently. Also does LOT hires any international pilots? Do they fly for any US airline or European?
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RE: Pilots Flying LOT Polish

Wed Oct 25, 2000 2:59 pm

I think LOT pilots are one of the best in the world. You are absolutely right, many of them are precision flying and gliding world champions (cpt. Centka, Wieczorek, Lenartowicz, Makula and many others).
As far as I know LOT doesn`t hire foreign pilots at this moments, but Poles fly for international airlines- I saw one of them in Icelandair magazine.