Air Travel Behavior

Wed Oct 25, 2000 2:58 pm


With the ever shrinking distance between rows of seats (except AA) I think it would be a really really nice thing if those of us who lower our seats would not do so at FULL THROTTLE! It seems that ever time I fly the person in front of me tries to get their seat into a laying down position!

THINK of other people for a change.

You have every right to every inch of space you can get but it would be appreciated (and make you look less self centered) if you would lower your seat slowly.

If I spill my drink and you dont act like you care believe me you will feel my knees in your back for the rest of the flight.

So to make our flights all the more enjoyable please adopt the policy that I have decided to follow, LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAN BACK!


RE: Air Travel Behavior

Wed Oct 25, 2000 4:41 pm

I personally feel that the seats should be fixed in the upright position - cheaper for mx, as well as causing less grief for the pax.
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RE: Air Travel Behavior

Wed Oct 25, 2000 9:55 pm

I not only LOOK but ASK before I lean back.
The seat in front of me is never lowered because my knees are so tight to it, it´s virtually impossible.
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RE: Air Travel Behavior

Wed Oct 25, 2000 10:01 pm

I too am annoyed when people put their seat back too suddenly, but I fear fixing them in the upright position would only encourage the airlines to cram them in even closer together  
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RE: Air Travel Behavior

Wed Oct 25, 2000 10:39 pm

Since there is absolutely no room in coach, the seats should not be allowed to recline. Kudos to American for at least attempting to give us an inch more space.

RE: Air Travel Behavior

Wed Oct 25, 2000 11:20 pm

For me I'll lowered my seat once the meal service was finished and it's time for rest. I'll really unhappy if the passager in front of me had the seat lowered during the meal service time. Anyway, just make sure you have an aisle seat in order to enjoy a more comfortable and convenient flight.
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RE: Air Travel Behavior

Wed Oct 25, 2000 11:58 pm

The thing I've noticed is that while the seatback in front of me moves, the tray table remains stationary. This usually does not pose a problem during meals as coach seats don't recline very far back. I've been in planes where the reclined seatback does significantly eat into my space, but it's usually not such a big deal that I can't relax and enjoy the flight.

I can't believe some of you are suggesting non-reclining coach seats...who wants to remain sitting bolt upright for four hours or so on a transcontinental flight???

RE: Air Travel Behavior

Thu Oct 26, 2000 12:17 am

That's nuts! When I fly coach I'm entitlted to recline a seat that has been designed that way. Why should I worry about the folks in front or back of me? If they choose, they can recline as well. Courtesy should prevail...but don't tell me I can't recline my seat.
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RE: Air Travel Behavior

Thu Oct 26, 2000 12:23 am

Last night I was in the last row, window seat of a United A320. I CAN'T recline from that seat, but fortunately the person in front of me realized this.

It's a matter of courtesy.
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