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Sas New Colour Livery

Sat Mar 20, 1999 10:44 pm

I was interested in the SAS new liverey. I have just
seen an image of the new Beoing 737-600, and i am wondering if the title on the side of the aircraft 'Scandinavian Airlines' is painted in white, or if it is actually not painted and letters are made from not painting in the shape of the letters. Since i live in Australia, its a bit far for me to find out in person.
Anybody know?
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Re: Sas New Colour Livery

Sat Mar 20, 1999 11:01 pm

You can check
That is Robert Scønherrs homepage and he has
got a lot of info about sas new scheme and their

Re: Sas New Colour Livery

Sun Mar 21, 1999 12:02 am

Roberts hompage very good: