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DC-9s Live Forever

Tue Nov 17, 1998 1:38 pm

In a time when most major airlines are shedding older aircraft, Northwest breathes new life into them. I received a letter today informing me of some current developments at Northwest. Here is a quote:
"To make your travels as comfortable and convenient as possible, we have invested in new interiors and refurbishment of our entire DC-9 fleet..."
Interesting, isn't it. I've also read that they are still acquiring DC-10s.
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RE: DC-9s Live Forever

Tue Nov 17, 1998 1:42 pm

I heard they did put a new interior in there 727 mostly for the business travelers.
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RE: DC-9s Live Forever

Tue Nov 17, 1998 2:58 pm

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think the DC-9 and DC-10 are the two best US built airliners ever!

I used to not like Northwest because I had bad service one time. But now, after hearing that, I'm starting to like them a bit more.
I love the idea of keeping older airliners rather than chucking them out. I think this is great, provided that they keep up the maitnence.


RE: DC-9s Live Forever

Tue Nov 17, 1998 3:24 pm

I wonder if they are still going ahead with modifying the DC-9s in to the DC-9-30-2000 standard or whatever, and keeping them until they are about 40 years old... If they do, kudos to them.

RE: DC-9s Live Forever

Wed Nov 18, 1998 7:05 am

Yep, they've sunk $3-5 million to keep these planes going. But, they're going to scrap them at age 50, because that's when the aft pressure bulkhead will have to be replaced. NWA tried doing that on one DC-9, and found that the plane wasn't quite designed for easy removal and replacement of those aforementioned pressure bulkheads. So, they decided that it wasn't worth the hassle, and they will retire the plane at the 50 year point.
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RE: DC-9s Live Forever

Wed Nov 18, 1998 8:48 am

Some of their DC-9s like the -50 series, are pretty new. They were some of hte last ones built before the lines were closed and the MD-80s were developed. So those planes still have plenty of years left. However, I _might_ be a little apprehensive about getting on one of those DC-9-10 planes that they still have. Those models date all the way back to 1965! Imagine the number of cycles that a DC-9 that old must have!