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AS MD-80 Out Of Bur

Sat Oct 28, 2000 6:27 am

I was looking at Alaska's flight schedule out of Bur to Sea/Tac and Portland and I all I saw for equipment were 737's. My question is do they still fly the MD80 out of Bur, I hope I was just searching wrong, Alaska as far as I know besides American to fly something other than a 737 out of Bur (FedEx and UPS don't count.)
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RE: AS MD-80 Out Of Bur

Sat Oct 28, 2000 1:10 pm

Alaska still flies the MD-80 on the first departure each morning (approx.7:00am) from BUR-PDX. There is also a MD-80 departure each afternoon to either PDX or SEA. AA still flies twice daily from BUR-DFW using MD-80's and AWA uses the A320's and A319's on some of the BUR-PHX routes. Besides that your hard pressed to find any airline using anything but 737's to BUR, unless it's a charter. Jeff
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RE: AS MD-80 Out Of Bur

Sat Oct 28, 2000 3:03 pm

Hi FedEx,

Yeah, I've worried about the same thing. I don't think its true, I saw an AS MD-80 at BUR the other day. Also I'm going Portland in a few weeks and its supposed to be a MD-80 flight. AS moves schedules around constantly. Recently it was 4 (of 6) flights a day form BUR being operated with MD-80s. JabPilot is right, now the 2 MD-80 flights are the 6.55am to PDX and the 2.18pm to PDX. I agree and I think we've talked before about how boring BUR is becoming. AA and AS MD-80s keep it interesting along with HP Airbusses and FedEx Airbusses plus UPS 757s.
I think the MD-80 is a great plane...much much better than those ratty 734s AS forces on us! I've heard AS will phase MD-80s out around 2005 - hopefully then I won't be living in LA and flying the airline airline anymore! By then they'll be a low-fare creative of them!
Anyway have a good time seeing AS MD-80s at BUR for a while to come...