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Oversized Passengers And Emergency Hatches?

Sun Oct 29, 2000 12:31 pm

I was on a NW Airlink Saab 340 yesterday DTW-CAK, and I noticed one of the passengers was a generously overweight woman. She barely made it through the front entrance, and would not fit in her seat unless the armrest was lifted. whe was seated in seat 5A, one seat ahead of the emergency hatch. What I would like to know is that had there been an emergency, how would she have been able to get through the emergency hatch??? I'm not saying overweight people shouldn't fly, but shouldn't there be some kind of regulation to where they can sit (as in close to a full size exit) as they could be hazardous to other passengers if they block one of the hatches?

Please, I am not trying to attract flames, I am just making an observation of a potentially serious safety flaw that could be fixed (by having overweight people only sit close to full size exits)