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J.p Airlines-fleets C/d..

Sun Mar 21, 1999 1:42 pm

G'day All..
Most of you l'm sure are familiar with the J.P airline-fleet book that comes out once a year. What can you tell me of the C/D that they offer. ls it any good..?? Does it have good easy to reference items at hand, and any photos like the book..????

Many Thanks...

See yah...

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Re: J.p Airlines-fleets C/d..

Sun Mar 21, 1999 2:03 pm

Hi Will, I hope everything is OK with you,

The CD is exactly the same as the book, even the photos are the same and the publicity pages.
It has one big advantage that is the search engine, so you can find a registration or an airline more easily than with the book. If you are familiar with Adobe Acrobat software, it's the way that the CD works.
I have the CD, but I'll order the book for the 99/00 edition.

BTW, did you receive my email with the A340 takeoff on sunset? Your email adress doesn't work so this question.

Luis, Faro, Portugal

Re: J.p Airlines-fleets C/d..

Tue Mar 23, 1999 6:32 pm

I will be re-ordering the cd again as i reckon it is better than the book the only down fall is you do not have it with you but much easier to use