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MD-80 Question

Mon Oct 30, 2000 3:33 am

Both of these Airplanes are MD-80s. My question is why does the TWA one have a 'pointy' end and the CO one a 'smooth' end? Is this like the difference between and 82 and 83? By the way i took this pic at Chicago-O'Hare on October 17 2000.

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RE: MD-80 Question

Mon Oct 30, 2000 3:41 am

the pointy end is the older model, like it used to be the DC 9, but they figgered out the "smooth end" has better aerodinamic performances.
Notice the 777, it is the same case.
Some airlines modified the older DC 9 super 80 to the new end like Alitalia.
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RE: MD-80 Question

Mon Oct 30, 2000 4:34 am

The same goes for the MD-11. The DC-10 has a
" smooth " end while the MD-11 has a " pointy " end. All MD-90s and 717s have the pointy end, as it is more aerodynamic.
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RE: MD-80 Question

Mon Oct 30, 2000 9:28 pm

You're both correct. It added a 1% gain in fuel effciency.

Also, it was noted that after deployment in an emergency, it would not flop from side to side possiblly blocking the exit path after folks were outside the aircraft.
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RE: MD-80 Question

Tue Oct 31, 2000 12:54 am

That upgrade was made starting with the MD-87. The -80, -81, -82, and -83 all had "rounded" tail cones, -87, -88, -90, and the new 717 (MD-95) all have flat pointy ones. I didn't know that about it flopping around after deployment, that's scary.
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RE: MD-80 Question

Tue Oct 31, 2000 4:13 am

This mod is not restricted to the MD87 series and above. More correctly, it was installed on all MD80's produced after a certain date, which is why we see it on this MD83. it can also be retrofitted to earlier MD80s, although i'm not sure it would fit on a DC-9.
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