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SQ006 Official Incident Report 6

Wed Nov 01, 2000 9:27 pm

here is the official incident report from SQ's web site

Incident Report 6
NR 06/00

1 November 2000


The latest information from the crash site at 1630 today confirms there are 79 fatalities and identifies the 99 passengers and crew who have received outpatient treatment or been hospitalised. The whereabouts of one passenger is still to be determined.

The Airline said that the names of the deceased would not be confirmed until the bodies had been identified.

Weather conditions at the airport in Taipei at the time of the accident were within safe operational limits. An aircraft from another airline departed 15 minutes earlier than SQ006. Weather conditions had not changed since then. The commander, Captain C.K. Foong had flown to Taipei several times during October and was therefore familiar with the airport.

Meanwhile, flight SQ8102, carrying 130 Singapore Airlines' support staff, including 93 "buddies," took off from Hong Kong airport shortly before 1530 hours local time today and was due to arrive in Taipei at 1700 hours local time. SIA "buddies" are staff specially trained to support family members through such incidents. The plane had earlier been diverted to Hong Kong due to bad weather.

Another Singapore Airlines flight, SQ 988, carrying 51 family members, along with another 20 SIA support staff, departed Singapore at 1530 hours and is expected to arrive in Taipei around 1945 hours local time. That flight was originally scheduled to leave Singapore at 1100 hours but was delayed due to bad weather conditions in Taipei.

For further information, media are advised to call (65) 540-3070 and next-of-kin should call (65) 542-3311.

* * *

Issued by Public Affairs Dept at 1600 hours

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