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Great Info Website - The Paperboy.co.uk

Thu Nov 02, 2000 4:18 am

No, this is not an ad, but I often use this site to get local info on a major issue. This site lists newspapers from every country in the world and in a variety of languages - and I went to the Straits Times (Singapore), the Taipei Times, the Sydney Morning Herald, among others, to get news on the SIA tragedy. The following comes from some of them:

Taipei Times - still reporting that the SQ 744 hit another plane on the runway - I still haven't seen any confirmation of this elsewhere.

Thursday's (i.e. tomorrow's) Sydney Morning Herald takes up the theme of the possibility of the wrong runway being used.

The Straits Times (Singapore) reports the Taiwanese Vice Minister of the Interior as saying the 747 hit two planes on the tarmac (tarmac/runway, his phraseology and/or the translation might have been faulty).

Capt. Foong was 48, joined SIA in 1979 and had just over 11,200 hours. He was Malaysian, the two others (F/Os) were Singaporean.