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Had Fun In Atl Today

Thu Nov 02, 2000 11:25 am

had fun today folks. went around the maintence hangers at hartsfield today and went in the DL 777 and got a nice tour. Also saw some MD-88's going through major overhauls and a 757 in for some minor insepections. goood fun!!!!!!!!!!
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RE: Had Fun In Atl Today

Thu Nov 02, 2000 11:35 am

Qantas777, how exactly did you get in there? do you have connections or did they just give you a tour because you were there? i'd be interested to know because i'd like to tour Delta's facilities there...great airport...some neat places to spot there...too bad delta left my little regional airport in northeast tennessee...

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RE: Had Fun In Atl Today

Thu Nov 02, 2000 11:56 am

I think I know where you mean, and I've been there too. Its really great. I saw a 777, a few 767s, a 737-800, one or two MD-11s, and one or two others. I was able to get in there because my dad works for Delta, actually right by that area.
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RE: Had Fun In Atl Today

Thu Nov 02, 2000 12:16 pm

I am so jealous! I would love to do that. I always get a window seat into or out of ATL, just hoping we will pass by the Delta hangars, on the side that I am sitting on, so I can look inside as we pass by. Congrats.
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RE: Had Fun In Atl Today

Thu Nov 02, 2000 2:14 pm

What would I do to tour an airport, and I mean where all the good stuff happens. I dream about this stuff all DAY!! I wish I can live it sometime
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