United Feeder Service, Inc

Thu Nov 02, 2000 11:44 am

Anyone here flown on United Feeder Service, Inc (United Express). They used BAe-ATPs and flew out of ORD. They were ok, althought N857AW needed new interiors!!!


RE: United Feeder Service, Inc

Thu Nov 02, 2000 1:07 pm

I'd flown them a number of times from ORD to CWA where my parents live. It was usually on a $99 round trip for the weekend. Now that AA has pulled out of CWA, those fares are a thing of the past...

Anyway, for $99, it was a good deal. The planes all looked older than they really were. The ATP reliability was questionable and more than a few times, the CWA-ORD flight was cancelled due to mechanical problems. Seldom were more than 20 of the 64 seats filled. One exception was during the NW strike when you couldn't get a seat no matter how hard you tried.

The new Air Wisconsin service is fine but I miss the old Air Wis service. Even with a stop in Appleton or Green Bay, the BAe 146 was great.

RE: United Feeder Service, Inc

Thu Nov 02, 2000 2:01 pm

UFS is gone... so I hope you enjoyed it! Out of business, replaced by Air Wisconsin. Good ridence to bad rubish!
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RE: United Feeder Service, Inc

Thu Nov 02, 2000 10:16 pm

I spent some time in Peoria, IL when it was a triple-feeder station: Air Wisconsin, ACA, and UFS. UFS had information posted on apollo as to the routing of each aircraft everyday, and it was normal to see 3 ATPs listed in "SBN MX".. one plane, 854AW was listed as "MX Queen" interesting how U2 operated..... that many flights w/ barely 6 planes to cover the schedule and NO operational spare at O'Hare..... Air Wisky pre 1994 should have kept the Dash 8-300s at ORD  

The ATPs were maulled by Hulas Kanolia and his St. Louis 'dollar store' gang... they removed the APUs so the planes were bloody hot in the summer during boarding... and he took out the aircraft water system.... even though the ATP lav is considered a "normal full size lav" there was never any running water...

UFS *COULD* have worked, but not under Trans State's regime of fly it till it stops working........

I'm shocked U2 never lost an ATP....

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RE: United Feeder Service, Inc

Fri Nov 03, 2000 6:43 am

There was no running water in the lav   Just a little Hand Sanatizer bottle. And no APU neither. It was an interesting flight, but I like AirWisconsin better.


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