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Flights From US To HEL

Fri Nov 03, 2000 8:45 am

I was wondering if anyone knew if any of the US airlines were planning on starting up service to HEL. Currently, it seems as if AY (and consequently AA) has the market sown up with their dailies from JFK and weeklies from PBI/BGR. I'm quite suprised HEL isn't getting more traffic out of the US, or is most of it just routed via FRA/LON/AMS/CDG???

I know Delta used to have a flight but that ended when they started code sharing with AY, and Pan Am (1st) also had a flight before they went under.
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RE: Flights From US To HEL

Sat Nov 04, 2000 1:00 am

I know that Continental is eyeing the Scandinavian marked at the moment. Nonstop flights from EWR is most likely. Hot tips are Oslo, Copenhagen and Helsinki.
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RE: Flights From US To HEL

Sat Nov 04, 2000 2:18 am

Yea, when Finnair joined oneworld they discontinued San Francisco, Osaka, and Toronto. THey said that they would offer connections through fellow oneworld members (ie BA or AA through LHR or JFK respectively) It's a shame, I do wish they would come back, but supposedly the services are only "suspended," perhaps that might mean a return? Their load factors had to be well over 90%, every flight was full, or like one or two seats were empty.

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RE: Flights From US To HEL

Sat Nov 04, 2000 3:37 am

yeah, I think United has a direct flight from ORD straight to HEL, its flight 666 i think.
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RE: UAL747

Sat Nov 04, 2000 3:44 am

Very funny. NOT!
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RE: Flights From US To HEL

Sat Nov 04, 2000 6:20 am

I read that Finnair suspended the flights OH-LGA mentioned, not because of low performance, but because of they wanting to use available aircraft to increase services to Asia (Singapore, Beijing, Bangkok).
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RE: Ryu2

Sat Nov 04, 2000 6:56 am

Has it occured to them to maybe get some more planes. Getting some more MD-11s shouldn't be a problem if UPS/FdEx don't get them first. Also, if the flights were doing well, why didn't AA pick up the slack on the SFO-HEL route (or done a SJC-HEL)? I've been on the JFK-HEL flight many times before they stopped the SFO and YYZ flights, and it was packed full (in 3-4-3 config). I can't imagine what it is like now(in 2-5-2 config). If they can fill the planes on scheduled flights, why are they throwing MD11 OH-LGA on charters? Let the 757 take care of charter, and if they can't deal, get some more planes. Also, I was looking at their winter timetable. Why in the world do they have a 757 flying HEL-DXB-BKK-DXB-HEL???? Shouldn't the MD11 be plenty to BKK. I think its time Finnair looked into investing in some 3XXs, because it looks like they have some major capacity problems.
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RE: Flights From US To HEL

Sun Nov 05, 2000 5:37 am

The reason HEL lacks much trans-atlantic service it that it is simply a very small European market. Even the larger scandinavian cities like Stockholm and Copenhagen do not have very much US service except those run by SAS.
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RE: Laxintl

Sun Nov 05, 2000 6:49 am

You mentioned stockholm. I do believe Delta flies daily from JFK and AA daily from ORD, in addition to SAS flights from EWR. I am wondering why Finnair really isn't building a hub to the former communist bloc. they started dong it, but didn't really get anywhere, probably becuase of the bottleneck in intercontinental service.

RE: UAL747

Sun Nov 05, 2000 12:23 pm


UA's flights to HEL(L) were especially frequent this summer...