Saudi L1011's

Tue Mar 23, 1999 6:28 am

there was a posting earlier about whether saudi tristars are still operating and i said i would e-mail to saudi to ask... below is the answer;

Tristars have been faded out from scheduled operations.
However, some are still being used for private flights.

Tahnk you

Saudi Airlines

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How To Recognize The Private

Tue Mar 23, 1999 7:05 am

Maybe you already know, but you recognize the private Saudi planes by the fact that there is no "Saudia / as-soudiya" written in white letters on the tail logo. Just the palms tree logo.

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Saudi L1011 Photo (VIP)

Tue Mar 23, 1999 7:48 am

To illustrate what Holger is talking about, here's a photo.

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RE: Saudi L1011's

Wed Mar 24, 1999 1:00 am

That was me that posted that question re: Saudia Tristars. Thanks for the further update. Chris

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