Incidents With The L-1011

Mon Nov 06, 2000 9:41 am

Have there ever been any incidents/crashes/problem with the L-1011?

RE: Incidents With The L-1011

Mon Nov 06, 2000 9:50 am

Delta had one.
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RE: Incidents With The L-1011

Mon Nov 06, 2000 9:57 am

There have been very fwe incidents with the L-1011 resulting in only 3-5 being destroyed. Delta had an incident due to severe windshear in 1985, Eastern had one in the Everglades, and Saudia had one due to fire.

Any more??
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RE: Incidents With The L-1011

Mon Nov 06, 2000 10:07 am

This is a good start for the information you need:

The three most prominent incidents:

(*) Eastern Flight 401, 1972--The L-1011-1 flight from JFK to MIA crashed in the Florida Everglades after the captain accidentally disengaged the autopilot without realizing it at a low altitude. The crew was busy troubleshooting the nose gear light, which had not illuminated when they selected gear down and locked. With no visual references over the darkened swamp, they decended down to treetop level before anyone realized what was going on. By that time, it was too late. Crew Error, 76 survivors out of 175.

(*) Saudia Flight 163, 1980--The L-1011-1 flight from Riyadh to Jeddah caught fire shortly after takeoff after a small stove in the baggage compartment ignited. The fire spread quickly, and the aircraft returned to Riyadh, where it made a safe landing. However, the aircraft continued to taxi along the runway slowly after arrival, indicating that the crew perhaps did not understand the severity of the fire. Additionally, the emergency doors could not be opened due to an electrical malfunction. By the time the doors could be opened, it was too late--everyone aboard the completely full aircraft had died of smoke inhalation. Inflight Fire, Crew Error, No survivors out of 301.

(*) Delta Flight 191, 1985--The L-1011-1 flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Dallas/Ft. Worth (continuing on to Los Angeles) was on landing, decending down through a fierce Texas rain storm. As they approached the runway threshhold, the aircraft entered a severe microburst, causing the aircraft's airspeed to characteristically increase. Noting the spike, the crew then knew they were caught in windshear, and the engines were spooled up, and the aircraft pitched upward. But it was too late--the aircraft slammed down in a field short of the runway and raced along, crossing a highway and obliterating a car on the shoulder. The man inside was on his way home to catch a phone call from his wife on his birthday, was killed instantly. The aircraft bounced into the air again, then impacted on the airport property, thundering into two water towers and killing most of the passengers in the front portion of the aircraft. However, the water is credited with helping to extinguish the flames more quickly, saving those in the rear of the aircraft. Windshear, 29 survivors out of 163.

RE: Incidents With The L-1011

Mon Nov 06, 2000 12:23 pm

Do u guys belive in the ghost of Eastern flight 401?

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Mon Nov 06, 2000 4:53 pm

It's now apparent that the Saudi incident was probably caused by arc tracking of Kapton wiring.

Unlike the DC10 - and B747 - no incidents have been attributed to design errors. This means that it is a better designed and built aircraft.
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RE: Incidents With The L-1011

Mon Nov 06, 2000 5:40 pm

F_P, you been watching too many telemovies!!! Its interesting though, both the Delta one and the Eastern one ended up as part of movies. Its a shame the L1011 was taken out of the market by initial delivery date problems, it would have been interesting if Lockheed had have stayed in the market...
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RE: Incidents With The L-1011

Mon Nov 06, 2000 8:07 pm

The L-1011 was an aircraft far ahead of it's time when introduced. Advanced avionics and airframe design, it was only supplied with Rolls Royce RB-22B and C engines initially and this was a major downfall. Even though TWA and Eastern picked up the aircraft, American carriers where influenced not to buy it by American engine manufacturers. The big orders from American, Pan-Am and United went to the rival manufacturers. Problems with the RB-22B's in icy conditions didn't help with the marketing.

Ever noticed that the L-1011 has two nav lights side by side instead of one? Why??

RE: Incidents With The L-1011

Mon Nov 06, 2000 9:42 pm

Pan-Am did buy the L-1011, they purchased some 500 models in the late 70s. The DC-10s were inherited from the purchase of National Airlines in the mid 70s.
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RE: Incidents With The L-1011

Mon Nov 06, 2000 11:05 pm

Here's a picture of one of Pan Am's L1011-500's

RE: Incidents With The L-1011

Tue Nov 07, 2000 3:40 am

Supersonic - yet another example of the high quality of Lockheed's design. Obviously, an inoperative beacon is a no-go item and they are pretty hard to get at when they are on top of the aircraft. Therefore, an L1011 with one out can still go - the same isn't true for any other aircraft (including 'latest generation' ones!   

The RB211-524B4 is a much better engine than the base -22B.
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RE: Incidents With The L-1011

Tue Nov 07, 2000 3:57 am

One more incident that wasnt mentioned here was the fire that destroyed LTU's D-AERI, L-1011-1 while the aircraft was being cleaned and serviced at the LTU MX facility in Dusseldorf, Germany. The aircraft was quickly towed out of the hanger to save the structure but the aircraft was destroyed. Another incident that had nothing to do with mechanical shortcomings.

According to the airliner census Delta also wrote off an L-1011, N781DL in August of 95 at LAX. I have no idea what that incident was, does anybody remember? Also AirLanka wrote one off in Columbo, Sri Lanka in May 1986. I dont recall the circumstances but maybe it was terrorist sabotage?

TWA wrote off two L-1011s, one in April of 74 (N30017) in Boston and another in July of 92 (N11002) at JFK. All considered, only 8 L-1011s have been written off and most due to pilot/human error in almost 30 years, an impecable record.
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RE: Incidents With The L-1011

Tue Nov 07, 2000 4:48 am

More information on L-1011 incidents and accidents here:
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RE: Incidents With The L-1011

Wed Nov 08, 2000 4:51 am

Hi Nick!!