Deadlock Over US-UK

Tue Mar 23, 1999 3:34 pm

Has anybody received any update over the US-UK open skies yet? It used to be a big topic, but now it is kind of forgotten. By the way, I have heard somewhere that Japan is planning for the third airport at Tokyo. I hope it won't have the same kind of problems in acquiring land as it used to be with NRT. In fact, NRT is finally ready to expand and build its second runway, after decades of negotiations with two horribly stubborn landlords who refused to give up their land (their land is right in the middle of the proposed 2nd runway decades ago) even with high compensation from government.
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RE: Tokyo Airports

Tue Mar 23, 1999 7:04 pm

I haven't seen anything in the news about a third airport in Tokyo, but I will ask around. I did read last week that the mayor (I think) in the Yokota Air Base area wanted the base returned to the Japanese. The Japanese government didn't agree with the local mayor
Yokota has a large runway able to handle C-5 and 747 aircraft.