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Mon Nov 06, 2000 5:41 pm

According to the Swiss newspaper SonntagsZeitung, Swissair wil decide this month about an alliance with the Italian carrier Alitalia. The decision wil be made on the 22nd of november. There are however a lot of difficulties to solve, as the stake of SR in Volare, the proximity if the hubs, and the problems with Milan Malpensa. An other candidate for an alliance with Alitalia would be Air France, though they seem to be in talks with BA.
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RE: Swissair/Alitalia

Mon Nov 06, 2000 6:56 pm

i don't think that SR and AZ will reach an agreement for the reasons you explained.
SR don't need Alitalia's network and Alitalia needs a much bigger and wider alliance such as the one with Air France.
By the way i bet that the talks between AF and BA will turn into anything.
Maybe BA could thing to take a stake in Alitalia.



RE: Swissair/Alitalia

Mon Nov 06, 2000 7:04 pm


I think Zurich and Milan are too close to each other. Swissair would only go together with Alitalia because Italy is one of the most important markets in Europe.
Anyway, I don't think SR should go together with AZ because AZ needs a lot of money and SR needs that money for Sabena,AOM...

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RE: Swissair/Alitalia

Mon Nov 06, 2000 10:00 pm

According to the mentioned article in the Swiss newpsaper "Sonntagszeitung", the members of the SAirGroup executive board do not all favour this idea to join AZ. In my opinion, SAirGroup should try to consolidate their investments, i.e. try to make the partner airlines more profitable, before beginning a new adventure, which will cost hundreds of Millions of Swiss Francs. Alitalia has some major problems, which SAirGroup would buy with. Alitalia is "known" for their strikes, and their financial situation.

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Mon Nov 06, 2000 10:46 pm

AZ will be privatised very soon and then they won't have more strikes problems than any other airline.
Alitalia should try to have an alliance with a bigger and stronger carrier such as Air France or British Airways.
I agree with you regarding SAirGroup policy: they have many good investments in a number of European Airlines; they should make these investments work rather than expanding the alliance outside Europe.
Just consider their situation in Europe: when they will be able to merge the three companies they have in France they will have the second largest French operator. The same thing is happening in Italy after the merge between Air Europe and Volare, that's why they don't need an alliance with Alitalia. Plus they have Sabena, TAP, THY, Crossair owned or allied.
Once they have consolidated this situation they will be a very good European partner for any American or Asian carrier.

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RE: Gerardo

Tue Nov 07, 2000 2:56 am

I do not hope and do not think that SR goes together with AZ!

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