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Question On Old Post

Tue Nov 07, 2000 3:39 am

This was a previous post by Jetpilot...

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Most of you know my story by now.

I'm a 29 year old FO on the 727 working for my new employer

I started my proffesional flying career just 4 short years ago as a DC8 flight engineer for Fine Airlines. Where I worked my way into the right seat with only 320TT !

I then moved to Custom Air Transport as a FE on the 727 before getting moved up to FO.

I moved onto another carrier before finding myself back at CAT for another short stint before moving on to my current employer.

Should be captain as soon as a slot opens on the 727, or maybe I'll take the FO slot on the A300 if that becomes available. But I'll probably hold out for a captain position.


I was just curious of the validity of these statements. From what I know (which is pretty much the hard facts), this gentleman is still just an FE for and no where near getting moved into the left seat, or even the right seat for that matter.

Not sure why you would mislead people over this Mr. D (a.k.a. Jetpilot), but you should remember that honesty is the best policy. Otherwise, why should advice be taken from a source that can't be trusted.