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US Airways Will Come To Brussels

Tue Nov 07, 2000 9:01 am

US Airways will start a daily roundtrip flight PHL-BRU starting May 9, 2001. The aircraft will be a 767-200. It surprises me that they won't put the A330 on that route right away, I thought that now most transatlantic flights would be A330's and all 767's would eventually be transfered on long domestic routes within the United States, transcon 767 flights like American and United have. That's why I thought that by next spring, all US Airways flights to Europe would be A330's. They say the aircraft will be a 767 but I'm convinced that sooner or later it will be an A330. US Airways will be the fifth US airline to come to Brussels, the other four are currently American, Continental, Delta and United. People Express, Pan Am and TWA also used to come to Brussels, back in the 1980's. No airline has ever flown Brussels-Philadelphia direct.

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